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Review from the B & N Review

08 Jun

Scott McLemee of the Chronicle of Higher Education reviewed The Charisma of Criticism for the Barnes & Noble Review. Here’s an excerpt:

Part biography, part critical study, part memoir, this is the work of someone who has spent decades reading and thinking about Said—but also yelling at him, at least in his head. Admiration and hostility are blended together so thoroughly that one doubts even the author can tell them apart. Insight and grievance jostle for space. The familiar apparatus of academic writing (citations, endnotes, bibliography) just barely holds the volume together. This seems appropriate: most of Said’s own books were collections of essays, or so loosely organized that they might as well have been. Even in its peculiarities, Edward Said: The Charisma of Criticism is an homage to its subject.

Read it at the Barnes and Noble Review